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November 2020

Covid19 Lockdown situation

As we are about to go into another 4 weeks of lockdown both on a personal and group activity basis, our frustration increases at not being there for carers and their loved one. Whilst we are very happy to take calls and are also keeping in touch with various attendees and group leaders, unfortunately we cannot for the moment provide the interaction, activities, community and respite needed more than ever as the weeks of isolation go on. We will though restart the Group Network as soon as we are allowed, in the mean time here are some contact numbers for Carers and family members for advice and support;


-Admiral Nurse, (Dementia UK)  0800 888 6678


-Dementia Connect, 0333 150 3456


-Care Companion,




As the Trust enters its sixth year and we reflect on its work over the period, we are left with mixed feelings as to what has been achieved and what could have been better.

Regarding community support groups, we have initiated four new ones across the wider Warwick district and they are all doing well, at the same time they offer Carers and their loved one a wide variety of choice regarding their chosen theme, it might be based on music, craft activities, table games, just a cuppa & natter or a combination of these, they seem to have evolved depending on their attendees. Many however now go to a selection over any given month, giving respite and distraction for both parties involved in a dementia journey, and this was our intent when developing and producing the first ‘Little Pocket Book of Support’ in late 2017. Now in its 6th edition with an ever increasing circulation and each print run of now 1000 plus copies, plus being available on the WCC website too, it has proved very useful to Carers and families, particularly those newly through the diagnosis process. 

We are also very pleased to have initiated an annual Dementia Conference in the area to showcase Health and Community resources available around Dementia, the two events to date have proved very successful, with Carers being able to take their time with the professionals whilst their loved one is well cared for and entertained. One of the spin offs it that the professionals attending also get a chance to network and learn, which they tell us has been really helpful for them too. Another outcome has been the start of our ‘Network’ of local support Groups, which now meets 3 times a year with the prime aim of sharing knowledge and resources along with benefiting from learning about the latest developments in dementia care.

One thing we didn’t expect, having never actually fundraised or asked for any sponsorship or funding, is that over the last two years we have started to receive donations. Initially they were from individuals or families but then we were selected by local organisations like ‘The Dassett County Show’ and ‘The Stoneleigh Male Voice Choir’, who each chose us as their Charity for their key annual Event and were so very kind and generous to us. Donations have continued and we have been so fortunate to have been selected as their charity of choice by firstly the Stoneleigh Deerpark Golf Club, and also both the Mayor of Leamington Spa and Mayor of Warwick have included us in their selected Charities for their Year of Office, just amazing. These wonderful gestures mean we can widen our support across the area, for example we have donated monies to a dementia choir and also the setting up of an Allotment designed around those living with the illness and their family carer too.

Follow this link to an audio interview with Martina Zimmermann, author of 

The Poetics and Politics of Alzheimer's Disease Life-Writing, as presented at the 

Dementia and Cultural Narrative Network workshop in London on the 23rd. November 2018

Audio Interview with Martina Zimmermann: Dementia Blog December 2018.

One of our new focus areas is in providing access to those Carers who need it, bespoke Advocacy Services. Where those living with Dementia and their Carers are not getting what they are entitled to, either in Care support or financial entitlements, then we can direct them to a source of help, and fund this professional support if appropriate too.



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